We're here to produce stunning property videos at your convenience for estate agents, property services, and private individuals. Our creative services aim to present your property effectively in a thoughtfully crafted video.

We're here to craft what you've asked for, add value to your message, and deliver your results. Our team are here to quickly guide you to where you want to be with planning and choosing your content.

With our flexible culture and technical prowess, we are growing to become the favourable choice for clients local and distant. We have a strong rapport with our clients as we seek to efficiently build and improve their results.


ES has grown within Colchester and surrounding areas. As a small team of highly skilled individuals, we run to provide a high-quality service at a class yet affordable solution to your creative content needs.


Only the most inviting and engaging videos to keep your audience retention high and encourage interest in your properties. Set aside photo slideshows and shaky videos with our smooth and silky camera work.


We understand your brand can make you stand out from the crowd. We work with you to make your property videos unique to your brand with style and fluency. Our team are ready to give you advise and support.

Video Tours and Walkarounds

Our video tours offer a professional cinematic quality reel of a specific property. We combine specialised camera equipment and high-flown drone footage to showcase each room with any notable features and details. Take a look at how we've helped Elms Price & Co to deliver stunning coverage of their advertised portfolio.

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On-site Photography

Maximise our potential and your time by utilising us to capture wide and clear pictures of your property while we're on site filming. These pictures are great to eventually replace your standard pictures or to use for advertising and social media posts. Our pictures compliment the video shoot with matching weather conditions for additional continuity.

Image by Daniel Lincoln

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